You should avoid these mistakes with your cat

Petting a cat is a way of showing affection. However, these well-intentioned touches are not always wanted by cats and can even be very uncomfortable for them.

Some cats are very aloof in character and prefer to keep their owners at a distance. Such a cat always ducks when petted and flees as soon as you get too close.

But even if the cat has first sought to be close to its owner, it can suddenly flatten its ears, attack the stroking hand or avoid it or run away. This cat behavior makes some cat owners wonder what they did wrong.

In most cases, anyone who strokes a cat means well. however, there are some aspects of being petted that many cats despise. This can be unconscious mistakes by the person stroking, but also deliberate ignoring of the cat’s signals and body language.

There are a few things to consider when stroking a cat. Just like humans, cats don’t always like being touched all the time. The animals also have sensitive areas.

It is beneficial if cat owners follow a few guidelines while touching the cat so that both the owner and the cat may enjoy snuggling together. If the cat is roughly patted while being petted, stroked against the fur growth, or touched with too much pressure, then it quickly pulls away.

Fast, rough, and excessive movements when stroking are uncomfortable for most cats. It is best to carefully try out different movements when stroking. The kitty shows very quickly what she likes and what technique she doesn’t like.

However, there is no perfect stroking technique for all cats. It always depends on the specific cat and its preferences.

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