Going down the slides and having fun on the swings: a bear brought the little ones to the playground

In this article, we have prepared fun and interesting information where you can also watch a video showing a bear who brought the cubs to the playground. He organizes a picnic to let his little ones have fun on the swings:

So, one beautiful day, a bear came with her cubs to the courtyard of an apartment building. Everything so that the little ones can play on the playground.

In the American town of Asheville, residents are used to having lots of bears in their neighborhood. They were playing in the playground, so a mother bear and her children came to the family home.

The cubs behaved like all cubs: they went down the slide, swung around, and played catch up. Meanwhile, their mother lay next to them, watching the cubs.

The author of the video indicated that he believes the bear is biologically the mother of only three cubs and that she is raising two other cubs that are not her own. This sometimes happens, for example, when the mother dies and her young are parentless.

When the cubs became very agitated, the bear calmed them down. However, on the whole, the visitors behaved well in this uncharted territory and caused no damage.

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