Digging a hole and not paying attention to people: a bear hibernates under an apartment building

A bear has found a secluded spot under Michael and Judith Pay’s house. The predator decided to nest there and prepare for hibernation. Judith Payne remembered seeing this bear before.

The woman heard dogs barking, so she walked to the glass door facing the street. When the predator saw her, he got scared and ran away. It turned out later that he had come back to take a nap.

The family remarked that this was not the first time that forest animals had come to their yard. However, none of them planned to stay there long or build a temporary home there.

The bear made a small dig which allowed him to dig a hole about 1.5 meters wide. The bear then lay in it and fell asleep, not reacting to people or dogs.

Michael and Judith noted that they didn’t know how long the predator had been under their house but assumed it hadn’t been long. Colorado bears have just begun to prepare for a long hibernation.

The family enlisted a state park inspector from Colorado Parks and Wildlife was dispatched. He lured the predator by spreading ammonia at the entrance to the den. The four-legged man woke up, jumped out of the den, and fled into the woods.

The owners said they still feel sorry for the bear. « We have invaded their natural environment. We are guests on their land. Unfortunately, that sometimes happens here, » Michael added.

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