Border Collie Rescues baby squirrels

A walk in the woods with unexpected consequences: TikTokerin Leech Rideout was walking her Border Collie Berlin a while ago when the dog spotted a baby squirrel. The poor animal was wriggling in a body of water and threatened to drown.

The four-legged friend boldly jumped into the water to free the rodent from its predicament. Last month Leech Rideout, who lives in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada that’s really what it’s called, published a clip that has since brought tears to some users and melted hearts.

Nine million people have clicked on the video since the end of May. It shows part of the rescue of the squirrel as well as the first days together that followed. In the subtitles of the clip, Berlin’s mistress tells the touching story:

« One day, I and my dog ​​were hiking and stopped for a swim, where we found Alvin wriggling in the water. » And further: « Berlin brought him to the shore and saw that he was in very bad shape. We took him home to try and nurse him back to health – and Berlin never left his side. »

At night, the unequal animals would have always cuddled. In this way, Berlin tried to give baby squirrel Alvin the necessary body heat. Not only in the viral hit but also in other TikTok videos you can see that Berlin and Alvin are now pretty much best friends.

The two play, cuddle and eat together in the clips, which have garnered up to 832,000 views. « Now that Alvin is a bit older, he and Berlin play a lot more, but he’s so gentle. Thanks to Berlin, Alvin is alive today.

The two have a very special bond that will hopefully continue when Alvin grows up. », according to Leech Rideout. In addition to her TikTok account, which is available here, the young Canadian can also be found on Instagram. However, there are no pictures of Alvin there yet.

So if you want to see the little rodent, you have to use TikTok.

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