Cages containing more than 700 cats have been found in China. The police discover the terrible fate that awaited these animals

China is a very big country, and it’s very unusual. The mind of an average person often runs the thought that the Chinese do strange things, and above all, that they eat right away. Well, in this case, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

So, once in China, in the city of Linfen (which is located in Shanxi province), the following story happened: on a pipe, the country’s law enforcement authorities had come « visit » a cheap hotel.

A horrifying sight awaited the police in the basement of the building: dozens and dozens of cages filled with cats, the total number of which eventually exceeded 700. Of course, all the animals were kept in poor conditions, but what to do?

The investigation revealed that the owners of the hotel were real foodies, and cats, as it is not difficult to guess, were their main products.

Some of them were destined for the canteen of the local hotel and others were sold to other similar establishments, usually to those where services were provided to the public for the most modest sum – that is, say to institutions for the poor.

Another interesting fact came to light: the poor creatures in the cages weren’t all strays. Many of them had been stolen, as evidenced by the chips of their owners and the accounts of people who had lost them.

Well, the hapless and cruel businessmen will now go to jail to serve the very heavy sentences awaiting them under Chinese law. The animals were partly dispersed to all the shelters in the neighborhood and partly returned to their owners, from whom they had been stolen.

It is not possible to know how many animals were injured, but it is good that the crime has been stopped because better late than never.

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