Caring Dog Helps Calves Overcome Their Shyness

Snowball, a snow-white Samoyed dog from Australia, loves to lead shy calves to the cattle shelter. This center belongs to the owner of the dog, Kristen Pierre, 36 years old. For years and she never fails to admire her pet’s caring nature.

« When the little ones come to the center, they are scared, but Snowball helps them overcome their fears. When the calves have settled down, he starts playing with them. But he always behaves cautiously. »- said Kristen.

Snowball pays attention to each newly arrived calf. He cuddles up to them, plays with them, rests with them, and eats his meal. The dog shows the little ones that they are safe, and once they get it, they start a happy new life. Many of the calves are in the center.

their parents were slaughtered or used in the dairy industry. Kristen believes Snowball has a special connection to the little cows because he was an orphan himself and had to move from one temporary home to another before meeting his current mistress, writes Metro.

« Part of me thinks Snowball really understands how all those calves are feeling. He’s a very sensitive and caring dog. » – admitted Kristen. Snowball always knows when Kristen brings new calves to the shelter, so he sits at the door and waits to greet them.

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