Cat rescued from the streets became internet star with charming smile

In June 2020, Kelly DeWeese from Kentucky went out for a run and saw a tiny ball of fur next to a cornfield. The little kitten was covered in fleas and looked very unwell.

The woman could not leave the child in the street. She took her home and gave her the nickname Snickers. « I picked her up, brought her into the house. I bathed her and took her to the local specialist the next morning. » – Kelly remembers.

The kitten has undergone many expensive checks. Specialists found that he had large polyps in his nose, which could only be removed at the cost of several operations.

« The operations were performed six weeks apart and were very expensive. After the first operation everything was fine, but after the second. » cat- Kelly told Metro.

Fortunately, Snickers’ eyesight recovered and. Over time, the spots on her face transformed her into an ever-smiling cat. « Snickers face looks like she’s always smiling and grimacing. She’s really happy and living her best life. » – says the owner of Snickers.

Kelly spent a total of seven thousand dollars, for the treatment of her cat, but she doesn’t regret it at all. The woman regularly shares photos of her smiling kitten on social media, where she now has thousands of fans.

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