Cats have long been known for their phenomenal sensitivity

Cats have long been known for their phenomenal sensitivity: they can sense when someone is in danger or when they’re just not feeling well.

Usually, this happens when there is a hidden bond between an animal and its owner, but in our story today, a strange cat decided to support complete strangers in adversity.

So one day, Nala, a great walker, came home with a piece of paper on her collar. The owners thought she had rummaged through the bins again and wanted to pick up the piece of paper and throw it away, but at the last moment they noticed the paper was covered in letters – it was a letter.

They said they didn’t know the cat, but he had come to their house recently, had yelled under the door asking to come in, then came in and acted like he was. lived there. She won’t leave until someone cuddles and feeds her, rubs her feet, and looks into her eyes.

People wrote that they looked forward to visits from the cat, as he had started coming just when their family was in deep mourning – a 21-year-old pet who had lived with them all his life and was also native that her own child had died.

It is unclear how Nala sensed that her neighbor was in distress and needed her. But somehow, she comes to their house regularly, every day.

And even though her motives are not only to comfort inconsolable people but also to eat tasty food, she still brings joy to the life of those who are going through very difficult times.

Maybe it was an accident, maybe she visited them by chance (although she’s never visited them before), but both her owners and the people Nala visits are convinced that someone from above sent her to do good.

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