A woman bought a dilapidated house and transformed it into a cozy cottage in 22 years

Englishwoman Jane Beck and her four little ones were on a trip to Wales. There she found a dilapidated cabin built in the 1970s. The building was in a very dilapidated state but in a picturesque location.

Jane liked the landscape of the house so much that she decided to buy it. The asking price was just ÂŁ59. However, the house was in dire need of updating. After all, there was no electricity or sewage disposal.

The windows were broken, the roof was leaking, and the garden was terribly neglected. Rolling up her sleeves, Beck got to work.

Of course, she received help from many specialists – builders, carpenters, plumbers – but without her enthusiasm, the amazing transformation of the house would not have happened.

The interior decoration is made in the style of Provence: pastel colors light and elegant vintage furniture.

Beck paid ÂŁ59 for the house and spent several thousand dollars transforming it. But the cottage is now valued at ÂŁ450,000. So if the owner decides to sell it, it would be a good deal. But the owner admits to having restored the cottage for herself.

She wants to spend her old age here in peace. But the Englishwoman has no intention of retiring right away. She is 54 years old. Jane is a designer of cushions and bed linen. The house became a source of inspiration for his work.

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