Despite being overcrowded, the animal shelter in Bergheim has taken another bitch into its ranks: Lissy!

The 13-year-old dog lady needed « very, very urgent help ». Her owner, a senior, has not been able to properly take care of the four-legged friend for a long time, as the shelter reported on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you can tell by looking at Lissy – shaggy fur, a few kilos too much. The pensioner was no longer able to go for walks with Lissy, and the food was not species-appropriate either.

In the end, Lissy even ran away from home – that was the decisive point in giving up on the bitch. « Now both are being helped: a mistress is in the home and Lissy is with us, » commented the animal shelter on Instagram. When she arrived, the senior dog was freed from her excess fur.

An examination at the vet will also be necessary. If Lissy is healthy and fit, she may soon be able to move into a new home. As the animal shelter wrote: « Lissy is an incredibly dear dog. She enjoys and loves every kind of attention, can’t get enough human contact. » A dream bitch!

Above all, the followers expressed their sympathy for the dog and the senior: « The two will miss each other so much. Good luck for the sweet fur nose and for the mistress too, » wrote one person.

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