Does the Naripol tree exist? The mystery of the miracle flower is solved

For several years, I have been haunted by this miracle tree. On the one hand, it seems that you understand that it cannot exist in nature, but on the other hand, all attempts to unmask this fake have not given a concrete and clear answer.

I did some research and this is what I got. MAYBE IT’S JUST A PHOTOSHOP? As a rule, in social networks, the same photos of fruits from the Naripol tree are reposted and transferred, among which such photoshopped works can be found.

It is often in the example of these photos that people try to « denounce » the miracle tree, convincing them that everything is photoshopped and that there is no miracle in reality.

But in fact, there are many more photos and we cannot ignore this fact if we want to get to the bottom of it. Now we would like to introduce you to how not to believe it and prove that it is photoshop.

The presence of numerous photos and videos indeed confirms the existence of a Naripol tree, but several questions remain unanswered. Where is the tree? What is its fruit made of?

Where are finally the photos of hundreds of tourists in front of the tree?

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