A dog from a shelter quickly found a new family thanks to an original habit

The story of Oliver, a dog from Memphis, USA, has gone viral and made this seemingly ordinary dog ​​popular on the net.

It all started quite innocuously: a dog appeared in a residential backyard and didn’t want to leave. Locals realized the dog was stray or abandoned and called animal advocates. That’s how Oliver ended up at the dog shelter.

The goal of each dog in the shelter is to find a home and loving owners as quickly as possible. For a long time, nobody really paid attention to Oliver, because he didn’t look remarkable. His character was perfect – it was obvious he had had an owner before and he was trained in commands and had « good manners ».

One day, the employees of the shelter noticed a peculiarity: when the dog wanted to eat, he took his bowl between his teeth and stared faithfully at the man, as if to say: « It’s dinner time, give me to eat!

Eventually, Oliver started taking his bowl everywhere he went. Apparently, it was his way of showing that he hadn’t eaten enough in the past and now wanted to catch up.

Photos of Oliver with a bowl between his teeth were posted on the shelter’s website, which delighted not only the staff but also people interested in adopting the dog. This generated a lot of interest and they quickly found several people who wanted to host Oliver.

They chose the most suitable family for him and he went to live in his new home. This is how an original habit allowed a stray dog ​​to find a home.

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