Dog meets baby: His reaction moves millions of viewers to tears

On TikTok, a dog video is currently attracting millions of viewers, in which a golden retriever meets his master’s newborn baby for the first time – that even brings tears to many people’s eyes.

Large dogs and small children can be a dangerous combination if the four-legged friend is not careful enough.

On the TikTok channel « Milo_the_goldenpup » his owners Evan and Katie Parrott have now posted a heartwarming video in which the fur nose encounters the new roommate for the first time.

Mom/Mistress Katie is holding her little daughter « Addie » in her arms and Dad/Master Evan is slowly and carefully leading Milo to the baby. The golden retriever immediately starts to sniff the child – the first meeting was a success!

Then you see more scenes in which the four-legged friend lovingly examines the little girl or carefully licks her arms. It seems like he’s taken to his new role as « big brother » very well.

There is even more enthusiasm in the more than 6000 comments that have accumulated under the post. Some users apparently even have to start crying at the sight of the cute duo out of sheer emotion.

For example, one user asked, « Why am I crying just because of a dog and a baby? » For this post alone, he received almost 4,300 likes and answers like: « Me too, but I don’t know her at all! »

Another user jokingly comments: « Is anyone here cutting onions? » And another reports: « I’m sitting in bed and crying while watching this. Dogs are the best thing on the planet! »

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