Dog Mila obviously couldn’t wait for its little babies

Dog Mila obviously couldn’t wait for her little babies to finally see the light of day. At least one video on TikTok gives an idea of ​​what has already been clicked more than seven million times on the platform.

The Golden Retriever gave birth to seven puppies at once less than a week ago. All the puppies are doing well, and Mila should also do well as a new mom – except for one thing.

Apparently, the dog lady doesn’t understand that her children aren’t ready for everyone’s fun just yet. It’s all the cuter to see how Mila in the TikTok video drags a frisbee into the bed of the seven little ones and lets it flop on one of the dog children.

« Mila is trying to play with her four-day-old puppies. » In the clip, the dog almost looks a little disappointed when she notices that her babies prefer to sleep at the moment rather than chase the Frisbee with her.

« I don’t think they want to play, Mila, » owner Eloise Smith can be heard saying in the background. « You’re just not big enough yet. »

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