Cold and Hungry: How to Help Stray Dogs and Cats in Freezing Weather

When temperatures start to drop and frost sets in, homeless animals need special care. Cold winds, rain, and snowfall can threaten the lives of dogs and cats. Find out how to help animals.

The most important thing for homeless animals is a warm meal. However, it is important to remember that the water or milk should be hot, but not boiling so that the animal does not burn itself.

Try to leave frozen dogs and cats inside buildings where they can find temporary shelter. Basement rooms, for example.
However, it is worth discussing this with your neighbors and persuading them to allow four-legged animals to survive the cold season.

First, check to see if your four-legged stray dog ​​is wearing his owner’s collar with a phone number. If a pet is homeless, the best thing a person can do is take it home and give it warmth and love.

In this case, do not forget that the cat or dog should be taken to a veterinary clinic to get rid of, for example, possible fungal infections. If you can’t bring the animal home, try to find him at least a temporary family or take care of a warm place for him.

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