Dogs visit the neighbors’ pool party

At first, the women thought nothing of it, but when the four-legged friends made repeated attempts to pay the ladies a visit. Two of them strolled over to the furry friends and looked for their owners before deciding to spontaneously invite the dogs to their party.

Meanwhile, there was no sign of a master or mistress. While one of the two four-legged friends slowly strolled across the yard and looked around shyly, the other was immediately in the party mood.

« By that point, some of us were on the patio, some in the pool, and some in the garden, » Motes told The Dodo. « The Golden Retriever was instantly hooked on the party and immediately started running around, wagging his tail, approaching everyone, and being petted. »

One thing was clear: the Golden Retriever knew exactly what it means to have fun! « Some of the people in the pool had pushed the inflatable boat over to the edge, and Stoker climbed right on top of it, » Motes said.

« He swam around in the pool, got pets and kisses, went swimming, and just had a great time! »

Unfortunately, the fun wasn’t to last forever. While the rascal was celebrating the best day of his life, one of the party guests managed to get in touch with his master.

Until then, however, the two spent a few hours with friends and were quickly named the most popular party guests. One thing is certain: the two of them are definitely invited to any future celebrations!

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