Elon Musk praised smart cats that left their owners without internet

What is important in winter? That’s right, to warm up! And it can be done in a variety of interesting ways, but Lemurov.net liked the prank of the Canadian seal family. Frosted plushies have mastered the most advanced technology!

It’s good to live next to humans – there is always a source of warmth. Elon Musk is very proud of the Starlink satellite communication system. You might say, what is the connection?

The most direct, as a certain Aaron Tyler noted with surprise when, on the arrival of the frost, his connection suddenly began to fail and access to the internet became increasingly difficult.

But as long as there was a light frost, there were no problems. And internet access was from Starlink. Annoyed, Tyler went to check the antenna and suddenly saw this

Close-up – her five cats are all nestled on the satellite dish! Now I understand why the signal disappears – there is no way to pass through the fur carcasses. But why, why did the cats all pile in there?

They’ve never done this before, it’s not the first month they’ve had an antenna. It’s lucky that because of the repair it was moved from the roof to the courtyard, otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen the reason.

The problem is that the antenna is smart and turns on the heating system to melt the accumulated snow. As long as it was just cold, nothing happened, but when the antenna started to melt the snow, the cats quickly realized that it was a free source of heat.

And they couldn’t care less about the quality of their host’s connection, those woolly egomaniacs. But what offended Aaron Tyler the most was that cats had long had homes outside, and isolated homes – he was doing his best.

But no, it’s always the tail that did it, as the joke goes. But Elon Musk liked this story, he liked it.

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