Famous stories where dogs became famous all over the country

For many people, a dog is just a pet that helps with having fun, babysitting, or fetching things. Some breeds are also considered good protectors. They are also known for their ability to handle difficult situations and some famous stories have made some famous all over the country or even the world.

Laika, Squirrel and Strelka

These animals are known as cosmonauts in the Soviet Union. Laika was the first to orbit the planet. She made the trip aboard the ship Sputnik-2. The tragedy of this situation is that the dog died due to a technical error. The ship managed to make 4 rotations in 6 hours.

The most famous astronauts are Belka and Strelka. Their trip was 3 years later, so previous mistakes were taken into account. The flight of animals provided scientists with the information that allowed them to send a man into space.

After Belka and Strelka arrived, it was considered very honorable to be photographed with such astronauts.


All children in America know this American dog. Husky was the leader of the last sled dog that was supposed to bring diphtheria serum across Alaska to the remote town of Nome. It was only thanks to animals like Balto that the disease was stopped in five days.

A monument has been erected in a New York park that unofficially bears the dog’s name.


The story of this dog also takes place in 1925 but in Japan. For many people, the name Hachiko is synonymous with loyalty and faithfulness. After his master died of a heart attack, the animal continued to wait for him at the station, as he did not know the terrible news.

Hachiko did not leave his place for nine years, until his death. During the dog’s lifetime, a monument was also erected at Shibuya Station, which is now considered a symbol of absolute love.

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