One would think that anyone who gets a dog would feel affection for their pet

The rescue of Doberman « Dobbie » began with a phone call from a completely distraught woman in the inspector’s department of the Munich Animal Welfare Service.

She reported on a case that she herself had to witness hours before. She first noticed a man in a restaurant who had pulled his approximately nine-month-old Doberman Pinscher up on a collar sling so far that he was hanging with his front legs in the air.

Shortly thereafter, she drove into a nearby underground car park and heard a rattling and a dull noise. In a corner, she spotted the man again. He stood over the dog, who was lying on the ground and kicked him in the ribs and stomach with full force.

The neck noose was tightened further and squeezed the furry nose’s air. According to the woman, the Doberman’s eyes were wide with panic and he kept defecating in fear.

She tried to stop the man from doing what he was doing but was unsuccessful. He stated that these were necessary educational measures for a dog of this breed. The woman then sought help at her nearby workplace and returned to the underground car park with two colleagues.

While a colleague called the police, another colleague tried to stop the man from strangling the dog. He claims the Doberman will bite and is the only way to train it. When trying to stop the man, one of the women was knocked over and injured.

When the perpetrator noticed that the police had been called, he fled with the dog. With this state of affairs, the desperate woman then reported to animal protection in the hope that the animal abuser could be dealt with somehow.

She was very worried about the dog because the brutal owner had reacted completely unreasonably. Without a name, things seemed hopeless at first. But the fate of the Doberman was about to change! Inspector Lydia SchĂĽbel, who took the call, looked familiar.

A few months ago, animal welfare received a report that a man had kicked his young Doberman with his knee. However, since there was no evidence of mistreatment at the time and the owner had denied everything, the animal rights activists and the veterinary office had to content themselves with a briefing.

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