Feline habits that many owners indulge in, and in vain. There are bound to be consequences

Our furry pets are always going forward, they know what they want and aren’t ashamed to ask. It does not matter whether the owner is sleeping or resting, if the latter develops bad feline habits, the cat will not fail to annoy the loved one.

« Are you awake? It’s time to eat! » Many people go to work and when they wake up they are used to immediately feeding their kitten. Except that this habit can bury the sweet dreams of the weekend.

The cat will simply associate waking up and eating with waking up and doing everything possible to wake him up on his day off to go feed him. It is best to wait 20-30 minutes after waking up and feed the cat only after this time has elapsed.

Thus, he will not associate waking up with food and will patiently wait for the meal. « I like walking underfoot! » Many owners get cats and kittens while they are still kittens. One of the cutest moments is when a little kitten snuggles up to its owner’s feet.

It touches the heart so much that many owners are beginning to indulge in it, but few people know that it creates a new feline habit that should not be given up. The kitten grows but continues to slip under the feet of its owner.

What if a person carries a hot bowl of soup? It is easy for a kitten to fall. From infancy, kittens should be gently pushed away from their feet, so that they do not get used to stepping under their feet.

« Well, I want to play! » Kittens usually have a lot of energy and need a place to put it. If a cat wants to play with curtains or other objects that are important to people, don’t encourage or tolerate it. The important thing is to keep these objects away from the kitten and to play with simple cat toys.

You can also buy some interactive toys that will keep the kitten busy for a long time.

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