Furry Happiness: 15 Tips to Make Life Easier for Cat Owners

Cats aren’t just wet noses and soft, fluffy coats. They are also a source of worries and problems. But we all know that without a cat, life wouldn’t be the same.

And in order to make life as positive as possible, we have found a few tricks to make everyday life easier for all cat lovers. Add dried green tea leaves to your cat’s litter box to reduce bad odors. Set up a play area for the active cat with boxes, bags, balls, puzzles, fishing rods, etc.

If your kitten is curious and loves to rummage through cupboards, leave a free shelf for him to lie on. Brush the cat’s hair for a few minutes in the morning and evening.

This will significantly reduce the amount of hair in the house, especially during the molting period. If you have a tablet, it can become great entertainment not only for you.

Download a mini-game where you can catch mice, birds, or fish and it will keep your cat busy for at least an hour. To distract the cat and develop its brain, make or buy a puzzle toy with lots of food.

You can use toilet paper sleeves, boxes, and plastic bottles to make such a toy. Do not throw away the yellow plastic Kinder Surprise egg. If you put buckwheat or rice in it, it makes a good toy for the cat.

If your cat likes to walk in the flower pots, put cones, stiff dry leaves, or aquarium balls in them.

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