Giant offspring at Leipzig zoo!

Six little chicks hatched on June 11th in the nest of Nandu rooster Hannibal, as the zoo announced on Friday. The zoo has been trying for some time to provide offspring among the ratites. Now the efforts seem to have finally paid off.

Dady Hannibal is said to already take exemplary care of his protégés, who follow him everywhere. According to the zoo, a nandu rooster takes care of the young birds alone for about six months.

The hens are only responsible for laying the eggs. Hannibal and his little ones are currently said to be in the back area of ​​the South America enclosure. « As soon as the nandu chicks are big enough, they will get to know the outdoor area and the other residents, the guanacos. »

There was also a proud mother with the Kirk-Dikdiks in Gondwanaland. Female Adina gave birth to a female cub there on June 7th, which has even been given the name « Darya ».

Particularly noteworthy: For Adina, it is said to be the 19th child that she has given birth to since the opening of Gondwanaland. Experienced and loving, she should already take care of her little daughter, who is still regularly in a safe hiding place.

« Typical behavior for offspring, » the zoo said. The kirk dik-diks, which are among the smallest antelopes, live together with the owl-faced monkeys in an enclosure in the African part of Gondwanaland.

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