A young girl decided to find a new home for her dog

A Facebook post from a young girl named Tiffany Fortuna trying to find a home for a very naughty dog ​​proves it. So Tiffany decided not to embellish the qualities of the animal and wrote as honestly as possible about its character.

« For the past few months, I’ve tried to write about this dog in a way that makes him seem nice. But the problem is, that’s just not possible. There aren’t many people who are willing to take on a neurotic gremlin-type dog that hates people, dogs, and other animals.

But I believe there is someone who would be willing to welcome Prancer because my family and I are really tired of him. Every day we live under the oppression of this demonic chihuahua.

He’s literally the chihuahua of the meme that says these dogs are 50% hate and 50% thrills. I should have known that dog would be a problem. If you have a husband, keep this Chihuahua away from him.

Prancer has been living with a man for six months and still hasn’t accepted him. If he has established a bond with a woman, he will protect her. It offers better protection against humans than the Capital Guards.

He loves to ride horses, knows a few basic commands, is calm, and doesn’t trash the house when left alone. Moreover, at first glance, the dog seems quite nice. Sometimes he even smiles when he’s excited. »

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