Grandfather became a skate park star: he skates as well as teenagers

An 81-year-old man from Osaka, Japan named Yoshio Kinoshita isn’t someone who thinks it’s too late to learn new things in old age.

Instead of staying home and thinking everything was better before, Yoshio spends his mornings at the local skate park with skaters who are a few decades younger than him.

This elderly Japanese man started skateboarding just two years ago when he bought a board he saw at a market selling unclaimed goods left on the railroad. The skateboard, which only cost 800 yen, turned out to be the best spontaneous purchase and instantly changed Yoshio’s life.

« At first I rode it holding on to the rail. But then I started learning how to do a 180-degree turn, then I started learning other tricks, » – Yoshio told Reuters. This man thinks skateboarding is a great way to prevent dementia.

“Sport occupies the brain and I think it not only slows down the development of dementia but also improves thinking. It is very important for older people to learn new things.

If we don’t learn something a little new every day, we will immediately start forgetting things. This elderly Japanese skateboarder is already as good as many teenage skateboarders. All the young athletes who train at Osaka Skate are happy to help Yoshio learn new tricks.

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