A grandson takes his grandfather on a dream trip that looks like an adventure movie

Veteran Johnny Dimas, 95, from Illinois, was his caregiver. But her grandson Roger Gilbert objected to such a decision and took the elderly relative to his home in Arizona.

In October 2019, Roger, his wife Jo, and his grandfather Johnny embarked on an epic journey across the country in a motorhome. It was like an adventure movie. They named the motorhome « The Sweet Mary Bus », after the veteran’s wife.

« We gave the car his wife’s name and even got a license plate in this name. It made him cry, « – says Roger. The trio’s adventure trip lasted nearly a year. During this period, they traveled almost all over the country. They visited the town where Johnny was born and tasted exotic foods in New Orleans.

He visited museums, where strangers shook hands with the veteran and thanked him for his service. « Grandpa loved to eat, so we had a great time in Louisiana. We ate crawfish, alligator, and everything New Orleans is known for, » – Roger Gilbert said.

The last item on the trip plan was a visit to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, Johnny’s idol. But his grandfather’s deteriorating health prevented the company from visiting the home. Roger and Joe keep fond and happy memories of life with their grandfather and of this trip.

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