What is the function of green cabs in London and why do taxi drivers love them?

London has a unique architecture. While tourists easily recognize the phone booths, the quaint little greenhouses remain a question mark.

In English, they are called Cab Shelters. As the name suggests, these houses were built for people working in bodywork
Taxis work hard, but they also need a place to rest.

Ordinary pubs are no good because they often have to switch from entertainment to work. So they created places where they could wait out the bad weather and have a bite to eat.

Taxi drivers love this privilege. In this little house, a tired driver can take a little nap and eat a special hot lunch. The rules are stricter than in the last century. It is forbidden to swear or drink alcohol in the greenhouse, and these rules are strictly enforced on the roads.

We can ask ourselves a fair question: who maintains the houses of taxis and taxi drivers? It turns out that the special deductions were taken directly from their salaries, and still are. shelters themselves.

After all, the state is directly responsible for the protection of these houses, which are part of the historical heritage of the city.

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