He realizes what an animal it is

It happened in the early hours of the morning near a motel in North Port, the Guardian reported. A Florida man was about to go for a morning walk when he passed a bush where an animal appeared to be hiding. Since the animal appeared to be tied to a long leash, the man assumed it was a dog.

So it came as it had to come: When the American wanted to pet the animal, he realized that he was actually looking at an alligator! Before he could flee, the alligator snapped. The supposedly long leash had turned out to be the tail of the monster.

« The man noticed a dark figure moving along the bushes, » the Sarasota sheriff’s spokesman later said in a statement. The American almost paid for his curiosity with his life, but he escaped with a flesh wound. The alligator bit his leg and ripped out a piece of tissue.

Luckily, the man was still able to walk – so he ran away. « The victim has been discharged from hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, » police added. Meanwhile, the alligator was captured and released into the wild far from the motel.

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