»Healthy with dogs »: Dog triathlon takes place in Amelinghausen

The premiere of the dog triathlon will be in Amelinghausen.

For the competition, owners accompanied by their dogs have to swim 80 meters in the Lopausee, cycle around 3.5 kilometers and run more than 2 kilometers.

110 starters take to the track every two minutes. The participation fee is 39 euros. If it gets too warm, Pierza wants to set up crotch zones for the dogs so that nobody overexerts themselves. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 3 p.m.

Some extreme athletes take part in the competition with their four-legged companions, and the fittest will probably make it in 30 to 40 minutes.

The retail branch manager from Schneverdingen has been planning this unusual event for three years. She was looking for a sport that she could do with her dog and where she could also meet other people.

Pierz collaborated with the team to create the timetable for the dog-human competition. « That’s precisely what we want, holidays with four-legged companions, bicycle holidays in the region, » says Mayor Christoph Palesch of Amelinghausen.

« We are well prepared, » says organizer Verena Pierza, who, according to her own statements, could hardly save herself from inquiries and set a maximum number.

If the premiere is successful, the date should be a fixed date in the calendar for the next few years.

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