Why the doors of portable houses in the Taiga always open outwards

In the extreme conditions of the taiga, to come across a hunting hut is great luck, especially in winter, when warmth and quiet rest are very important.

Originally, the idea of ​​arranging small houses in the middle of nowhere belonged to hunters who were forced by their profession to stay away from dwellings for a long time.

A hut is usually a good place to find a supply of firewood, matches, cooking oil, and even alcohol. In the winter cold, these objects are sometimes the real savior of tired and chilled fugitives.

Foodstuffs and food waste should be left outside the house.

Greedy animals will find a way into the house, and even if a bear smells food, it can seriously break the shelter. These houses are small, with a fire pit and a crib inside, and the doors are not locked to the outside for convenience and security.

Smaller animals, such as foxes or arctic foxes, may sniff the food. Hinged exterior doors are extremely simple, so even novices can handle their repair and installation.

And if you manage to escape the fire, it’s always easier to push the door through the smoke than to pull it.

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