How an ordinary Soviet family got a real lion in their apartment

The Berber family is no different from other families of that time. Husband, wife, and two children. The father of the family, Lev Berberov, worked as an architect and was respected in society.

The mother, Nina Berberova, raised two children and was a wonderful housewife. One day the family went for a walk at the zoo and saw a small lion cub in a cage that was very sick.

The lion cub was taken to the apartment. He was given the name King. He began to grow rapidly and became a real huge lion. Additionally, perhaps in gratitude for his rescue, King was affectionate to his owners, licking them, and never becoming aggressive.

No member of the household was bothered by the presence of the enormous beast in the apartment, but the neighbors did not share this opinion. It is said that when King was taken for a walk, none of the neighbors wanted to leave the apartment, because the sight of a fearsome animal frightened more than one.

The Taming Lion was a real prize for director Leonid Gaidai. King carried out all orders and became the favorite of the entire film crew. But one day, something went wrong, and an irreparable tragedy occurred.

The lion was lying down to rest, but a passerby passed by and started teasing the animal for some reason. Such moves took place during the movie, and King took it as an order and pushed through the window, and jumped on the man.

He showed no aggression, he obeyed the command he had been taught. But the boy got very scared and started screaming. Berbatov’s family took this loss very badly and did not want to try to replace their animal. The baby was named King Second.

But unfortunately, the temperament of this lion was different. He wasn’t as affectionate and malleable. He behaved like a true king of beasts, and when he was asked to participate in the filming, he inflicted many injuries on the people who worked with him.

The Second King obeyed only his master Lion, but after the death of his father, the family could not cope with the wildness of the predator. At first, he began to growl at Nina Berberova, but the mom’s son Roman stepped in and tried to pull the predator by the collar.

But the lion was fierce, and the mother only had time to see the lion throw its paws at her son, and then she fell unconscious.

After the incident, the mother could not come to her senses for a long time, but thanks to the joint efforts of her family and a good friend, the woman was able to come out of her severe depression.

There is no reason to blame the animal in this situation. It is a wild animal that lives by instinct. The love of animals is above all to create a comfortable natural environment for them. And the lion is the king of beasts that must live in the wild.

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