How did a man manage to outsmart a cat that was always trying to climb

As you know, many pets like to sit in your arms or on your lap, but people don’t always have the opportunity to give their cat that much attention. It’s especially difficult for people who work from home – they can’t escape their stuffed cat.

The animals quickly found their place and if Harley was a quiet, calm and discreet cat, Ziggy, on the other hand, was always very demanding and even impudent. She had no respect for other people’s space and was always chasing her sister, not to mention putting her owners at a disadvantage.

And Ziggy had a very strange passion: the love of human knees. She didn’t care whether she sat on her hosts or their guests, as long as she sat on them.
At first it was fun for the family, but when Rebecca May started working remotely due to the pandemic, it became a huge inconvenience.

But work is work, and a cat that demands that much attention is fun. What’s interesting is that if you don’t leave Ziggy on your lap, she’ll jump onto your shoulders and just stand there scratching you.

Everyone had suffered from this behavior, but we couldn’t give her away because she was much loved in the house anyway. Rebecca’s husband once thought of an interesting thing, trying to cleverly fight the cat.

If Ziggy likes it so much on his knees, why not make him… a cast, an imitation of those knees? He set out to put his idea into action, and this is what he got: Ziggy the cat took the bait. She started to sit on these makeshift knees and stayed there for three or four hours straight.

Of course, the cat continues to follow its mistress Rebecca, but now the wife moves her pet to her husband’s « invention » if necessary, and the cat calmly accepts it.

All in all, this is a very interesting and creative approach to solving the problem. Of course, that didn’t completely fix the problem, but the owners are wildly happy with what they achieved with the ruse, at least now they have a little privacy every once in a while.

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