The husband dug a tunnel every night, secretly from his wife

A man named Patsy was happily married. However, every night when his wife fell asleep gently, he left the bed and went somewhere else. One day, when his wife started noticing that her husband was disappearing regularly (almost every night), she suspected something serious and decided to catch him in the act.

As Patsy later recounted, digging the long underground tunnel at night took up a lot of energy and time. In the morning he had to go to work as if nothing had happened.

In addition to digging the tunnel, he spent more and more time hiding his activities each week, as the tunnel grew longer and more difficult to dig up. He said he was so tired that he even considered quitting digging several times. What drove him forward was his desire to complete the passage to his destination.

For many years, the navvy hadn’t been worried about his wife waking up in the middle of the night and noticing his absence. The fact is that from an early age she suffered from serious sleep problems.

The doctor prescribed him a strong sleeping pill. In time, the woman simply couldn’t sleep without him. So her husband was 100% sure that she would take the medicine and absolutely sleep through the night.

Sometimes she fell into such a deep sleep that Patsy even allowed herself to use a professional power tool to dig a tunnel. That’s what he told her when his secret was revealed.

The secret night digger achieved his goal and dug the tunnel to his destination only after 25 years of hard night work. A narrow underpass with reinforced vaults connected Patsy’s house to the bar.

But all this secrecy fell into the water when the wife of the navvy decided, for medical reasons, not to take the drugs which plunged her into an abnormally deep sleep. When she woke up one night to find her husband moving furniture.

Of course, she found this very suspicious. For the next few days, she watched in silence, and then her husband was interrogated. Returning home after another « trip », the undercover digger confessed everything.

As a result of this conversation, it was decided to bury the tunnel. It will eventually have to be done, even if the mystery is not solved. The reason for this was that the roadway directly above the tunnel had begun to crumble and form voids, which could cause casual passers-by pain.

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