Husky took his mistress into the woods to show her a cardboard box, knowing what was inside

One day, Bernie, the husky, had an unusual behavior; he was alarmed and hovered around his mistress, pointing to the front door.

Cathy (that was the name of the owner) at first didn’t understand what was going on, but Bernie kept looking at the door, then he took Cathy’s shoes in his teeth and brought them to his feet.

Katie put her shoes on and they walked out. There Bernie started pulling Katie towards the woods, but Katie didn’t want to go and asked Bernie to go to the next yard.

Then Bernie started begging his mistress to go into the woods and Katie started guessing that someone in the woods probably needed help, so they went. Bernie led her to a tree near which was a cardboard box with a tightly closed lid.

After Katie opened the lid, Bernie looked inside and pulled out a few days-old kittens. Cathy also looked inside the box and saw that there were six other kittens inside. The kittens didn’t make a sound, they had been in the woods for days without food or water.

But the most important thing is that the kittens are alive and the rest can be cared for, Cathy said. Cathy admired and praised Bernie for such an act of mercy because if he hadn’t found them, no one knows what would have been waiting for the little crumbs.

Cathy took the kittens to her home, taking everything in hand. Every day, with Bernie, they took care of them and had fun.

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