Scientists Capture Incredible Giant Ghost Jellyfish

The huge animal is a very rare sighting for researchers. But this time the jellyfish was filmed nearly a mile deep by scientists, who later posted a video of the incredible creature online.

The giant jellyfish was captured by the ROV Doc Ricketts, an unmanned underwater vehicle that studies the flora and fauna of the deep. He managed to capture the creature up close as it swam around Monterey Bay, USA.

The animal was filmed at a depth of 990 meters. According to scientists, one of the largest invertebrate animals on the planet has been filmed. It is the species  »Stygiomedusa gigantic », or ghost jellyfish.

Its name is easy to explain: in 110 years, this jellyfish has been seen only 110 times. Its body measures about one meter and its tentacles can reach up to 10 meters.

These jellyfish do not have stinging tentacles. They use their long « legs » to catch their food. Scientists have discovered a giant ghost jellyfish:
The arrival of an underwater drone allowed researchers to see the rare creature in its natural habitat.

The video is the first to give a view of the jellyfish in 4K quality – technology has never managed to capture the animal so clearly.

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