Instagram users are captivated by a cat whose paws look like fluffy mittens

Teddy, a three-year-old cat living with his owner in Vancouver, has charmed thousands of social media users with a fun feature that makes his front paws look like big fluffy mittens.

The thing is, Teddy has polydactyly: an anatomical disorder characterized by the presence of extra toes. Normally, cats only have 18 toes. Five on each front leg and four on their hind legs. However, polydactyl cats can have up to nine toes on one foot.

Teddy has extra toes on his front and back paws though. According to his owner Selina Tan, he doesn’t mind at all. Fluffy happily goes on adventures with his human, staging nighttime cries and moving around the house during the day as if possessed by demons.

Plus, it’s funny that overall he leads a pretty normal cat life. « Teddy is my little best friend. We spend a lot of time together. Work, relax, walk and travel. His extra toes don’t bother him at all and if they have claws that are too long, I cut them off quickly and easily.

Only sometimes Teddy gets his claws caught in a scraper. » – said Silvina. It should be noted that there are currently 24,500 people following Teddy’s Instagram account, but the fan base of this unusual kitten is growing every day.

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