The incident in Johnny Depp’s trial: a woman suddenly yells  »This baby is yours,Johnny! »

As the US news site « Law and Crime » reported, the extraordinary appearance happened on Monday yesterday. After two testimonies on the 20th day of the ongoing trial, the court was just taking a break when suddenly a woman in the audience area got up and started screaming.

« I adore you, Johnny! According to « Law & Crime, » the lady yelled out to the actor, 58 years old, « Our spirits are intertwined. » « Angenette Levy is a reporter.

Depp turned around and gave a nice wave. Other viewers then began to loudly announce that they were behind the famous actor and so it got a little restless in the hall.

Because the whole thing took place during a break in the process and the live broadcast was therefore interrupted, There are no visible or audible records of the incident.

The negotiation remains exciting even without the interference of the viewers: Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife for defamation for around Dollars fifty million in damages. She had accused him of domestic violence in 2018.

Amber Heard, on the other hand, has filed a counterclaim for as much as $100 million. She accuses her ex of conducting a smear campaign against her and thus continuing his harassment from the years of marriage (2015 to 2017).

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