Just 23 years old; Torgauer becomes the youngest zoo manager in Germany

Just finished her apprenticeship, now head of the zoo: It really doesn’t get any faster than that! Caroline Otto took over the management of the zoo in Eilenburg at the young age of 23 – making her the youngest manager of this kind in Germany.

The young woman replaced Stefan Teuber, who held the fate of the popular excursion destination in her hands for almost 34 years. Teuber turned a park that had fallen into disrepair into a hotspot with 300 animals from almost 50 species.

Despite the pandemic, more than 80,000 visitors have counted last year and the record from 2019 was only just missed. The work of Tierpark Eilenburg is appreciated. This is also honored by more than 200 animal sponsors, many of whom come from Leipzig.

One of Stefan Teuber’s most bitter moments is the loss of his wife Gabriele three years ago. She was considered the mother of the zoo and persuaded the former teacher to run the then leaderless park.

But the new boss doesn’t have to be scared or anxious. She has known the zoo for years and was trained here and at Leipzig Zoo. And if she does not know what to do: Stefan Teuber will stay with her as a volunteer.

At 23, the native of Torgau is Germany’s youngest zoo director. Dennis MĂĽller won this title in 2015 when he took over the Bergzoo in Halle/Saale. But at the age of 31 at the time, that sounds almost old today.

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