Labrador found tied to a fence with a note

If we lived in a world of perfect, no dog, cat, or other animal would ever know the betrayal of its dearest beings. Our world is certainly not perfect. A Labrador was recently discovered outside a center in the English village of Upchurch.

Canine protectors posted a photo of the poor dog on Facebook in an attempt to find his owner. What shocked people the most was the cruel note left next to the animal.

This brave boy was found tied to the fence of a dog center, along with a heartbreaking note in which the owner explained why he had decided to get rid of his dog.

This is how the man justified his action: Hello, could you take me home because my owner abandoned me after I never learned good behavior in 10 years of living together. So he took me back to where he found me.

Thanks for taking care of me. And sorry for the interruption. The staff asked the owner of the labrador to contact them. It wasn’t the best way to solve the problem, we can’t do that. We would be happy to receive any information about the owner of the dog.

After the story was published, staff at the center contacted other members of the family he grew up in. They said they did not know the dog’s owner’s intentions. They asked if they could return the Labrador to the home where he had spent most of his life and where he was loved.

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