Little puppy Lindy, who was born with paralyzed legs

Little puppy Lindy, who was born with paralyzed legs, and pigeon Herman, who can’t fly due to a wing injury. And these two little guys, so different from each other, met at the animal welfare association, where they felt love and sympathy for each other at the first glance.

Here is a brief history of their acquaintance and relationship. Some time ago, a pigeon, which was later given the name Herman, flew into a car showroom. While trying to fly away, the pigeon kept hitting the glass and falling to the ground from a great height.

The bird was injured in the head by these blows and learned to fly. It was then that car dealership staff found the bird dying and turned it over to the care of animal shelter social workers.

Herman has been living at the shelter for over two years now, but he hasn’t learned to fly yet. To get some fresh air, the volunteers take the pigeon outside, in their arms.

Puppy Lundy was one month old when his breeder gave him to the shelter. The shelter vet liked to carry that piece of tenderness in his breast pocket, where Lundy, literally, had plenty of room.

One day a member of staff, while cleaning the puppy, accidentally put him with a pigeon, and what was his surprise when the animals started showing signs of attention and affection towards each other.

They behaved in a friendly manner while being cute and cuddly right in front of his eyes. Since then, they are often left alone together. And touching photo reports about their friendship are published on social networks.

Where the inseparable couple is popular and has gained tens of thousands of followers on their page. It’s really cute, to watch and admire the little ones.

How these two disabled zookeepers found happiness in communicating with each other and sharing that happiness with others.

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