Having lost his brother, the dog was inconsolable. But his owners have found a way to help him

Can animals feel emotions? According to scientists, they can – they can experience feelings such as joy or sorrow. And it is well known that animals miss their dead parents, especially if they have lived together for a long time.

That’s exactly what happened to Beth Fisher’s pet, who lived with two dogs, Rocky and Spencer, for a long time. Although the dogs are very different in appearance, they are brothers, and Beth has taken them in since they were puppies.

Rocky the light and Spencer the dark were very attached to each other, they even ate in the same bowl and slept in the same bed, snuggled up against each other. Their friendship lasted 10 years until Rocky fell ill.

At first, Beth thought the vet would help her, but the clinic gave her the sad news after the tests: Rocky’s disease was incurable, he had terminal cancer. So Spencer was left alone.

She missed her brother a lot, especially at night. The dog couldn’t sleep, wandering around the house looking for Rocky and whining pitifully when he couldn’t find his brother. Beth didn’t know how to help her, but her father had found a magic cure.

He ordered a pillow for Spencer with Rocky’s picture on it, and to Beth’s surprise, it worked. Spencer never parted with that pillow, taking it wherever he went to lie down and only sleeping on it. It makes him calmer.

Of course, the pillow did not replace his brother, but it brought him a certain comfort, and that is nothing.

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