A man took a cat to get rid of mice, but the cat befriended a rodent instead of chasing it

We’ve all heard many amazing stories about our favorite furry friends’ friendships with other cats, dogs, parrots, and other pets. Sometimes netizens share stories of friendship between cats and more exotic people, such as a lynx, a monkey, or a horse.

But today there will be a short story about a very different, seemingly impossible friendship. This story was shared by a man, a Reddit user. It all started when a man decided to have a cat. But not to admire it, pet it, cuddle it and hug it, as most people do.

It would seem that cats are masters at battling rodents and it’s rare for a pet to fail, but man had such a silly cat, or a pacifist cat, or even a vegetarian. One day a pet named Lil Mack surprised his owner.

He was adopted as a kitten, and the mice, sensing the presence of a predator, stopped behaving as brazenly as before in the apartment. One night, when Lil Mac was about a year old, he caught his first mouse, but…he didn’t hurt her, he just befriended her.

They sat together and looked at each other. The man said it was as if they were communicating with each other. The cat did not try to « play » with the rodent, as predators usually do, and the mouse did not try to get away from the cat at all. This funny scene lasted quite a while until the animals dispersed peacefully.

After the pet owner posted his story on the Internet, netizens recommended renaming the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry, after the couple from the famous cartoon.

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