A man who grew up in the jungle ignored the existence of women for more than 40 years

Ho Van Lang, 49, now lives in a small Vietnamese village, but eight years ago. He lived far from civilization, hunting and gathering food and running away from anyone he encountered.

With his father, they had learned to hunt and ate almost everything they found in the jungle: snakes, rats, monkeys, frogs, fruits, etc.

The father never mentioned women to his son. He, therefore, became aware of the existence. When he met Alvaro Cerezo, who told Ho Van Lang there weren’t just men.

For Ho Van Lang, the hardest thing about returning to normal life was his complete lack of knowledge about how society works. Lang’s brother once compared him to a kid in a man’s body because he didn’t know anything about not only women. The first year of life in civilization was particularly difficult.

Ho Van Lang’s body was exposed for the first time to bacteria and viruses new to him. As a result, he repeatedly encountered serious health problems. Today, Ho Van Lang leads a very active life and enjoys new opportunities. Things are not going so well for his father.

Most of the time, he sits in his room and dreams of going back to the jungle.

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