In Colombia, an observant dog learned to buy its own food from a store

In a Colombian town, the mascot of the local college is a dog called Chernysh, which, not without reason, lives in the educational institution. The dog is so intelligent and easy to train that he even understands the principles of money and commodity relations.

Watching students buy food from a local tent, Chernysh realized he could do the same with the currency available – tree leaves. Columbia Technical College is home to a dog named Chernysh, who literally buys her own food every day with improvised money.

The animal has lived at the facility for five years and is considered the unofficial mascot and guardian of the campus. The students have long nurtured Chernysh, and in return, he allows himself to be scratched and is affectionate towards the students.

But recently he realized that he was not just getting food. After observing students buying food at the local store, the dog understood the concept of monetary relations and decided that he too could take part in the economic chain, writes The Dodo.

It was much easier for Chernysh to get his hands on money than for humans. For him, it literally grows on trees. He used to sit in the store and watch the students buy themselves something to eat during the break, like cookies,” said teacher Angela Garcia Bernal.

Presented with a wagging tail and a leaf between his teeth, making it clear that he also wanted cookies. Even though Chernysh had brought counterfeit money, of course, it was accepted. It was then that he finally realized that he was able to support himself.

Now he comes every day and pays for his groceries with leaves, » said store owner Gladys Barreto. The dog is so smart that he does not abuse his wealth and does not go to the store too often so as not to trigger inflation. The shopkeeper added that every time Blacky comes to shop, he has tears in his eyes.

The intelligence and ingenuity of dogs were also recently demonstrated by a puppy called Ivor, who hails from Great Britain.

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