Mistakes owners make when caring for a puppy

Puppies require special attention and care. However, due to their inexperience and lack of knowledge, owners sometimes make mistakes with young puppies. We will tell you what mistakes to avoid in this article.

Some people think that training is only necessary for « big and serious » dogs. But the truth is that all dogs need to be trained, regardless of size or breed. Every dog ​​should know basic commands, which is essential for the comfort of both dog and owner. Also, obedience is important for your dog’s safety.

The bottom line here is that a puppy’s learning happens gradually and only through positive reinforcement. Never punish him or yell at him. Remember that puppies tire quite quickly, so training should be moderate. And for more information on how to start training your puppy, and what to keep in mind, click here.

One of the most common mistakes newbie owners make is inconsistency. He needs a well-defined system and way of doing things: he can’t be allowed to sleep in bed one day and banned the next. House rules should be clear to your dog.

And the owner’s job is to be consistent and not make new rules every day. This can confuse the dog and cause the opposite effect of refusing to obey or listen to commands.

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