Parents surprise their 10-year-old daughter on her birthday

What a wonderful moment for 10-year-old Isabella: When her parents gave her a small dog for her birthday, the girl burst into tears of joy. It should be a day to remember for Isabella, who lives in London with her parents and 7-year-old brother Patrick.

The family came up with something very special for the girl’s tenth birthday. On a trip, Isabella was surprised by a little puppy. The parents had previously bought the dog from the local pet club The Bully Ranch, where bulldogs are bred.

An employee was ready at the agreed time in a bar, where the puppy was finally handed over to its new owner. Isabella thought she was just going out for drinks with her family when she was suddenly surprised by the cute bulldog. The girl burst into tears with joy.

Isabella took the little dog in her arms and christened him Cookie. The birthday surprise was captured on video. In the meantime, Cookie has already become part of the family. As Wamiz learned from his parents, he is a very easygoing pup with a great temperament.

At times, the pooch likes to be very lazy, so lots of treats have to be found to encourage him to go for walks.

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