Personal Experience: Where Owners Go With Their Pets

It’s great to have a social life with your pet, but it’s not always possible in the city. Parks, cafes, hotels. Many places are often off-limits to dogs. Yet every year the number of pet-friendly spaces increases.

We spoke to pet owners to find out where and why they go with their pets. « I have two dogs, a Beagle Molly and a Border Collie Gin. They are completely different in temperament and personality.

Molly is a very lonely dog, she doesn’t like going to cafes and isn’t very enthusiastic about meeting new people. Gin, on the other hand, is a very active dog. He is happy everywhere. »

The Border Collie being a breed of shepherds, we periodically accompany him to sports camps to herd sheep. Another of our passions is refereeing. We don’t have a car, so we always drive ourselves.

Guin knows the way to the metro and knows immediately, when we walk towards the station, that something interesting awaits us. And when we get there, he either rushes to the fold.

Guin and I both enjoy the workout. We also often go for a ride on the sup-boards. Gin loves it! He has good balance and likes to swim. Why do I always want to take her with me? It’s good for me and he likes it too.

He always asks to be petted. And honestly, I find it hard to imagine my hobbies without a dog. With Molly, we also found the perfect balance. We like spending time together in the park: simple exercises, games – and Molly is as happy as I am.

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