Personal experience. What it’s like to live with a Heeler

A natural intelligence, a unique appearance, boundless energy, and a strong sense of self-esteem, this is what characterizes the Australian Shepherd, or Blue Shepherd.

These communicative and very active dogs are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners. « I wanted an active, human-oriented dog. At first, I chose from the breeds that my friends and acquaintances had: the Malinois and the Labrador.

The Belgian Shepherd was not an option for me because he has a frantic pace and power, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle him. Neither do Labradors.

Imagine, in a size smaller than a Belgian Shepherd, I got training comparable to that, and sometimes even more. For example, Ava not only needs a lot of exercises but a lot. »

« I went through many breeders, carefully studying their paperwork and the health of the ‘parents’ of the puppies. I finally settled on the option that I felt was the most ‘tried and tested.

By coincidence, it turned out that my dog’s grandmother was the rescue dog Eshka, whom I met during the apprenticeship and who sparked my love for puppies.

I chose my puppy impartially. Of course, in the beginning, I was sent photos. I liked the oldest of the litter. I observed the behavior of the puppies, their reactions to noises, and their interest in the game

I realized that the youngest, who looked very funny and not serious in the photo, showed the best results. She was as calm as a tank and very human-oriented. She climbed up for hugs, kissed, and got into the game. It was perfect – just what I was looking for. It was my Ava.

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