Pink dog: A pug whose fur looks like cotton candy has captivated social media

A three-year-old pug named Milkshake has charmed hundreds of thousands of people on social media with his unusual appearance. His light pink fur that looks like cotton candy and his bright, sad blue eyes. He was only six weeks old when his owner, Maria De Dosa, met this adorable pink pug.

Already, he was noticeably different from his siblings. She says she fell in love with him at first sight. « I hugged him and he licked my nose. From that moment on, I knew we were meant for each other. » – Maria told Daily Paws.

Milkshake’s unusual coloring is linked to leucism. This coloration is a genetic mutation resulting in a partial loss of pigmentation in an animal’s outer coat. Unlike albinism, leucism does not cause any health problems.

Ever since he was little, Milkshake loved attention, so Maria started taking pictures of him and created an Instagram account for him, which quickly became popular.

The adorable pink pug now has over 110,000 followers, and that number is only growing every day. He is not only famous on social media: many people recognize him in public places during walks and at various events where the popular pug is with Maria.

In her free time, Milkshake likes to travel and play with her owner, who helped her company with her beloved pet to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks. « We are perfect for each other and we are very happy together. » – said Maria.

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