Rescue dog finds two-year-old lost in woods

A call about a lost child reached rescuers in a remote village at 4 p.m. They had to hurry. The call came at 4 p.m. when the predators come out to hunt in the forest at night. Rescuers and parents, therefore, had virtually no chance of finding the child alive.

At five o’clock in the evening, the rescuers were already on the spot. A Labrador-Luke was with them. A specially trained dog looking for people. It turns out that the parents had left the little girl in the care of her big sister.

She is still young herself. The girl is only seven years old, and she is playful, distracted, and unsupervised. who mysteriously disappeared from the courtyard of the house.

The little girl started crying loudly, screaming, and calling for help. The adults ran up to her cries and tried to search for the missing girl first. After four hours of fruitless searching in the forest, the adults realized they needed help and called the rescue team.

The rescue team, accompanied by their rescue dog, Luc, arrived on the scene an hour later. They were allowed to sniff the girl’s clothes, and the dog took the lead of the group and led the rescuers deeper into the forest.

About half an hour later, we heard Luke’s bark coming from the forest. The dog let everyone know that the baby had been found. Seven hundred yards from the village, the little girl was moving feebly through the thick undergrowth, completely undressed.

It was either out of fear or stress that she didn’t scream, but moaned softly, complaining about the lack of care and attention she received. Fortunately, she only had a few scratches and a few mosquito bites. The rescuers picked her up and carried her to the village.

On the way to the village, the baby clung to the neck of the man who saved her, and at the end of the journey, she fell asleep from the excitement and adventure she had lived.

The parents got their little girl back and Luke earned a delicious reward for his work. The police have opened an investigation and want to prove that she was negligent in the performance of her duties, which led to the loss of a child.

This is not the first case of parental neglect and lack of care for a child. If this attitude continues, the authorities will be forced to remove the children from their parents and send them to an orphanage.

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