Road workers and Belgorod volunteers rescued a dog from a bitumen trap

A group of people willing to contact us have been monitoring the life and health of a dog that road builders found in a tar pit for the past few days. We still don’t know how he got there. Maybe he fell on his own, maybe someone helped him.

The animal had been wading through the asphalt for hours, fighting for its life. When workers extracted the « barely stirred » ball of tar, they could not determine the species of the animal. All they could see was that it was a dog.

Without thinking, they named the dog Ivan and tried to wash him down with diesel fuel. They managed a little, but it was still far from being completely clean. But it was obvious that it was not Ivan, but Ivanka the dog.

Desperate to completely rid the dog of the tar, the workers turned to local animal protection officers. They picked up the poor animal from the construction site and brought him to the clinic. Where the work to save the dog continued with renewed vigor.

The volunteers tried several times to wash the bitumen off the dog’s fur, and the remaining hair was cut with scissors. When the black tar coat was largely removed from the dog’s body, it became clear that the dog was still young and its coat was light in color.

And in his appearance, he resembled a breed of a husky. Ivanka was transferred to a paid veterinary hospital, under the supervision and care of the volunteer group of the Faithful Friend of Belgorod. The necessary funds were raised by subscribers to Belgorod Internet.

Where she is treated and rehabilitated. And, after the age, appearance, and approximate breed of the dog were revealed, a heated dispute broke out among the subscribers for the right of ownership. Several people at once expressed a desire to take Ivanka.

So it’s time to organize an auction between them. The dog, found in a desperate state by road workers and rescued by volunteers, will soon find new owners, good and kind.

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